Advocacy Academy

In 2016, the Institute of Advanced Legal Skills completed advocacy training in Warsaw and Budapest. The trainings took place over a weekend, and were taught by experienced barristers and judges from England. The trainings focused on specific practical legal skills.

On completion of the vocational training programme, each participant will have:

  • Improved their core legal practitioner skills (including the ability to prepare, manage and present a case or legal argument, both orally and in writing; the ability to manage evidence efficiently and effectively in court hearings;
  • the identification and discussion of EU-law related legal issues; the ability to make appropriate and effective applications for preliminary references under Article 267 TFEU; and the ability to use the rules of procedure of the CJEU effectively and consistently);
  • Improved their ability to identify and apply EU law issues in national dispute procedures and before the CJEU, particularly as regards the legal instruments mentioned in this Call for Proposals for action grants;
  • Spent two weeks studying and training in the English language and networking with fellow participants from neighbouring countries, which will have the effect of increasing solidarity and shared experiences across EU Member States and neighbouring countries and enhance the linguistic communication abilities of all participants;
  • Understood the value of formal skills training, which they will develop and build upon as their careers progress in their home countries.

Fee Correction

In the promotional material for the course of 26-30 May 2017 in Warsaw related to the project N° JUST/2014/JTRA/AG/EJTR/6847 entitled “Advocacy Academy”  co-founded by the European Union in the framework of the Justice Programme, reference was made to the fee of €250 being set by the European Commission. This was a misleading statement, and at all times the fee was set by the Institute of Advanced Legal Skills acting in its capacity as coordinator of the project.


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Advocacy Academy

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